Quick Tips
The cold weather is here and as State Fire Marshal CFO Alex Sink encourages Floridians to take the following steps to help ensure a safe and happy season. Preparing your family

  • Review and practice your family‚Äôs fire escape plan.

  • Replenish your emergency supply kits including battery-operated radio and flashlights.

  • Have extra blankets on hand.

  • Have a plan for meeting the needs of infants, children, seniors and those with disabilities.

  • Move family pets indoors or to an enclosure out of the elements. Likewise protect livestock or other large animals from the cold weather.

  • Use these tips to lower your premium
    What determines your insurance rates?

    1) the year of your home
    2) the construction type, block vs frame
    3) the zip code
    4) optional coverages
    5) type of roof

    How to reduce your home insurance premium?

    You may consider raising your deductible to $2500. If you have a mortgage check with your mortage company to find out if they allow the higher deductible.

    Are you over insured?
    The home should be insured for what it would cost to rebuild your home. Take the heated/cooled square feet of the home and multiply by $100. Then add in any extras like a pool and screen enclosure. That is usually the amount the home should be insured for. For example a 1,500 square foot home times $100 would be $150,000. That is the amount of insurance that you would normally need.

    Homes built before 2002 may qualify for a substantial discount if you have a Wind Mitagation Inspecton done. A licensed roofer will inspect how the roof is built, whether wilh nails or clips or straps. The discount is usually is from 15% to 30%.

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